Actress Demi Lovato Promotes Unbroken in Milan, Music Video Leaks

Demi Lovato has come back into the spotlight unhindered by the emotional and physcial issues she battled with over a year ago. The young singer and actress has released her darkest secrets and feelings into her latest album, Unbroken.

Her first single, Skyscraper has been very successful and now, the the music video of her second single, 'Give Your Heart a Break,' is much anticipated. The singer was recently spotted in Milan, promoting her album. The beautiful and chic Lovato wore a white and black dress that wrap around the waist.

Lovato, who publicly struggled with eating disorders and self-harm, spoke out about how the movie industry influences how young girls see themselves. I feel as if television and movies are now glorifying an unhealthy body image which puts a lot of pressure on young girls - and especially girls that are growing up and trying to find themselves, she told ITV1's Daybreak.

A lot of girls who are young are insecure, and they look to the media and what they see in magazines and everything else to see what they should look like. And I think that the film industry and the television industry should take more responsibility, she continued.